Chinese New Year 2017

For the third time around, I had a good time celebrating Chinese New Year in Binondo. To think of it, I am 1/8 Chinese and I can strongly sense it in my taste buds! 😀 My mother’s grandma was a pure Chinese.

Of course, I wore something red because it is the color for that day and wherever I glanced there were always a touch of RED.

The things that made me come back here every year are the different gimmicks in the walkway. One thing that lacks this year was the time when you write your wishes on something, just like in 2015-paper cranes, and in 2016-wood board.

I tought rickshaw was only in Japan, and I’m sadly mistaken.


Less crowded this year or maybe we just went there early and unfortunately, in the afternoon it rained.
Money Tree

Best pasalubong in Binondo are their delicacies like Hopia and Tikoy. There’s a small stall of Eng Bee Tin inside the Lucky Chinatown Mall but you can find the bigger one on Ongpin Street. Just a few walks away or you can ride a tricycle.

Lion and Dragon Dance

Fortunately watched it live!

Binondo Church

Recharged in Café Mezzanine with my Tita who always treats me. Tried their authentic Gokong Soup and Kiam Pong.

And that’s how I spent my day. This last picture took inside a store, lil bit silhouette coz I can’t endure when the people passed back and forth. The struggle was real. Hope you have a prosperous year! 

Be thankful when you hear the rooster crow

Another day to come and makes you glow

Wishing to witness a new tomorrow

*kokorokok *kokorokok 


Ternate Beach Resort

“In some way, delay is not a bad thing as long as the minute will come at its own right time.”

These photos took up last December 12, 2015. I didn’t delete these because it was one of the noteworthy moments of my life – Water Baptism. I just let it hibernated in my laptop.

You will know that you are already in Cavite when you see this vehicle. I asked my Caviteῆian roommate if she knew the name of it, “Baby Bus” that’s what they called it. Cutie! My first impression in Cavite is that they’re not totally influenced by the modern existence. They maintained plain province life, tall trees, and rivers with small banca.

The festive atmosphere and refreshing breezes welcomed and witness us in our death and new life in Christ.

Bonding time with my sisters. 

Is this a penguin or octopus?



There were also many rides like banana boat, kayak, and this big bicycle.

I want to introduce Jennalie, one of my travel buddies. I’m so thankful that I met her two years ago. We almost had the same passion in going places.

To my Doulos Family, we are not biologically related but I’m forever grateful that God destined me to meet you all. I’ll cherish the entire journey that we had. More memories to capture!

Romans 6:3-4 Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.

Mt. Pico de Loro

Hello, this is my first blog post. Just relax and be engulf in the beauty of the environment as I show you some of the highlights of my adventure. Be with me in this journey as I uncover my experiences going to Pico de Loro and together let’s enjoy the beauty that our nature has to offer!

My sister and I went to Mcdo near LRT Buendia station. We need to get there early, because she was the coordinator of that climb. Of course, I washed myself early because I don’t want other participants to feel uncomfortable of me. Exactly 3am in the morning, I was SHOCKED that there were so many people already prepared for the adventure or maybe because I was just seeing myself before as a kind of creature who will spend my weekend in my room. They played anime songs and one of them is my favorite (Flame of Recca OST). I took a short nap while waiting for the others because I’m a traveler who wanted to see panoramic beauty of my dearest country and I’m proud to say that Philippines has a lot of wonderful spot. Then, when everyone was there, we departed and do what was written in the itinerary.  

Along the way, I saw the route to Ternate Beach Resort (next blog post). When we reached our destination, my sister did a short briefing about the mountain. Want to know an interesting fact? She said that the named PICO referred only to the peak of the mountain and not the mountain itself. It is also the highest peak in Cavite BUT don’t be confused! Pico de Loro is not located in Batangas but when you traverse to Nasugbu, Batangas is your new path.

I had a hard time taking pictures in that mountain because of the up and down, rocky trails. Some piece of advice: Make sure that you condition yourself for a tough hiking venture and pack slices of patience as many as you can.  ;D

Halo-halo from 7-Eleven at the Mountain

Along the way you will not get hungry. When you heard a bell, *kring kring* Oh! There’s a taho and cold ice cream that awaits you. I was amazed on how they lifted those things in the mountain. ( Just imagine……..  O.O )

“Take nothing but pictures.”

Next, there was a beautiful landscape on the left side. Almost there!


Believe in your tour guides, they will not let you fall. Buti pa sila di ka hahayaang malaglag.


Stolen shot by Ate Ann. How I wished I can dive into the sea.

Sidetrip at Kaybiang Tunnel. This is the longest tunnel that we’ve got. For the future engineers, this is now your calling.

Finally! We had a delightful Bulalo dinner near Buendia Station and I’m so tired to take pictures.

PS: Special thanks to Yes to Adventures for making my first dream climb came true. You can also meet new travel friends or when destiny loves you, maybe your forever *ahem (Shout out Ate Christina!) For more inquiries, you can message them at ( for affordable mountain experience.